Dunvegan Primary School

  • Dunvegan Primary School

    Dunvegan Primary School

  • Dunvegan Educator

    Well designed to suit the age group it is aimed at. Excellent study skills and tips taught with detail and enthusiasm. Always enjoyed.

    C. Mackenzie

  • Dunvegan Learner

    I love StudyFit! I wish you could come to my house every year until Matric to help me study!

    Grade 4


  • Dunvegan Learner

    I am looking forward to doing level 2 in Grade 6. I’m sure I am study fit, or as you like to call it B.A.R.R.T. fit.

    Grade 5

  • Dunvegan Learner

    Awesome! Makes studying so much easier. Now I can study one hours work in half an hour.

    Grade 5

Christ the King Catholic Primary, UK

  • Christ the King Catholic Primary

    Christ the King Catholic Primary

  • Christ The King Educator

    A very valuable learning tool. Children were thoroughly focused and interested at all times.  A great starting point for upper juniors.  Would love to see this followed up.

    Christ the King RC Primary Bromborough, UK

  • Christ the King Educator

    Pupils really enjoyed it and found it very useful.  They could identify the sections that would help the,.  I would like to see it run again, giving more to it.  I would also involve parents by letting them know and encouraging them to remind pupils of strategies at home.  Thank you StudyFit.  I only wish I could have watched the other sessions.

    Mrs Kelly, Educator

King Edward VII Preparatory

  • KEPS Parents

    Thank you StudyFit!  My son’s marks have improved, and he truly feels he is smart!  What an amazing course. These are valuable life skills you are giving him.

    Jill, Parent

  • K.E.P.S.


Private Course

  • Private Courses

    Private Courses

  • Private Course

    My son found the Private Course session very interesting. He says StudyFit is a special way of teaching and he is really impressed by it.

    StudyFit has awakened an eagerness to learn in him; he got home yesterday and started pulling out files to file all the study notes he got from you. He couldn’t stop talking about the new stuff he’s learnt.

    Ru, Parent

Springfield Convent

  • Springfield Learner

    StudyFit has helped me since Grade 5. I am going to high school next year.

    I still use all the methods.

    Chanté, Learner

  • Springfield Learner

    Dear StudyFit,

    I used to get in the 80’s for my subjects but thanks to StudyFit I now and still get into 90’s for all my assessments and tests and sometimes but very rarely, get in the 80’s. BARRT has worked best for me. StudyFit has changed my life for the best.

    Courtney, Learner

  • Springfield Learner

    Dear StudyFit,

    Thank you for teaching me about the BARRT system. It has been very helpful and has helped me achieve 100% for a test.

    Kelly-Ann, Learner

  • Springfield Learner

    Dear StudyFit,

    The study skills course has really helped me t study. I used to struggle studying but it is so easy now! It really helped me to achieve academic achievement. Thank you!

    Mieke, Learner

  • Springfield Learner

    Dear StudyFit

    I like using BARRT and using keywords. I get in 80’s. When I use the StudyFit methods, I get in the 90s.

    Priyal, Learner

Vuleka School

  • Vuleka, Deputy

    Thank you for the Study Fit session today!

    The children and I enjoyed it so much!

    We will try to put into practice all the skills and create new habits for studying. We appreciate it very much. Please come again next year, success in all you do.

    Kind regards

    Marlene Neaves, Deputy Head

  • Vuleka School

    Vuleka School

  • Vuleka School

    Study Fit taught us how to remember dates and years by looking for patterns among the numbers. They even showed us ways in how you can memorise things like shopping lists and others. They also gave us study guides and advised us never to study when we are lying down because your mind will be preparing to sleep and not for studying.

    Grade 7