Multi-sensory learning

Many children struggle with conventional learning methods and techniques. Why?

Not everyone learns in the same way. Visual learners memorize well, tend to remember things that are written down, and use graphs and charts. Auditory learners retain information through speaking and hearing. They often prefer to be told how to do things, and then summarise the main points out loud to memorize them. These auditory learners tend to notice different aspects of speaking and often concentrate better with soft music playing in the background. Kinesthetic learners like to learn new material in a hands-on way. Their learning methods of choice is to demonstrate or be demonstrated to, rather than a verbal explanation and they usually work well in groups.

Knowing which technique works best, enables learners to study effectively, perform better at school and develop their confidence. StudyFit has drawn on over 30 years of combined experience in education to develop a study skills programme to achieve exactly this. We conduct training in independent and public schools, and have now branched into private, small group classes.

Focusing on primary school-age, the StudyFit learning methods equip learners to cope with the challenges that each new year brings, and for high school and beyond. StudyFit is passionate about equipping all learners to be the best that they can be. We turn ON the learning light!