Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Skills covered

Each course covers:

  • Growth mindset
  • Visualisation
  • Memory skills
  • Key words
  • Finding the main idea
  • Study Recipe – BARRT
  • Visual maps
  • How to answer Test questions
  • Being organized
  • Are you Study Fit?

About StudyFit

Margie Greve and Jackie Nofal joined forces in 2011 and started Study Fit. By the end of the first year, eleven schools had signed up. Currently, due to the success of this programme there are over twenty five schools participating.

StudyFit has conducted programmes in public and independent schools in Gauteng, the Western Cape and recently in England.

Study Skills in Schools

Each course includes a StudyFit workbook.

We help learners truly understand, retain and apply information, concepts and facts in an exciting and motivating way, using multi-sensory techniques.  With three levels presented in an age and grade-appropriate format, this programme teaches, builds and reinforces a proficiency into a life skill.

The course duration is 4-5 hours for each class and is conducted during the school morning.

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StudyFit interview

So this what my brilliant students had to say. Just loved my time with them today !Thanks girls.Now you are prepared for exams!

Posted by StudyFit on Saturday, 12 October 2019